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  Paper-Bullet Mixes, Bases and Dry Goods


  • Bread Mixes and Bases
  • Roll Mixes and Bases
  • Muffin Mixes
  • Pan Fino Base
  • Pan d'Huevo Base
  • Pastry Mixes and Bases
  • Sweet Dough Mixes and Bases
  • White, Chocolate, and Yellow Cake Mixes
  • Donut Mixes
  • Yogurt Cake Mixes


  Paper-Bullet Groceries and Dairy Products
  • Coconut, Chocolates and Dried Fruits
  • Evaporated, Condensed and Other Milk Products
  • Fillings, Icings, Glazes, Creams and Syrups
  • Flavors, Emulsions, Extracts and Colors
  • Fresh and Liquid Eggs
  • Nuts and Nut Products
  • Salts, Seeds and Spices
  • Shortenings and Oils
  • Sugars and Sweeteners
  • Yeasts, Flours, Starches and Baking Ingredients


  Paper-Bullet Frozen Products
  • Bagels, Bread, Croissants, Muffins and Rolls
  • Cookies, Danish, Donut, Pastry and Strudel Dough
  • Frozen Fruit
  • Par-Baked Products
  • Pre-Cut, Filled and 9" Cookies
  • Pre-Fried Donuts
  • Proof and Bake Products
  • Puff Pastries
  • Pies and Cakes
  • Thaw and Serve Products


  Paper-Bullet Packaging, Serving and Office Supplies
  • Bakery Products
  • Bakery, Donut, Pie and Sheet-Cake Boxes
  • Cups, Plates and Utensils
  • Food Storage, Containers, Trays and Lids
  • Food Preparation, Wrap and Warming
  • Insulated Products, Transport and Storage
  • Ink, Toner and Office Supplies
  • Paper and Plastic Bags
  • Paper Products and Dispensers
  • Waxed Tissue, Pan Liners and Baking Cups


  Paper-Bullet Janitorial, Sanitation, Health  and Safety Products
  • Bags, Liners and Waste Receptacles
  • Bathroom Tissues, Hand Towels and Seat Covers
  • Brushes, Squeegees, Plungers and Sponges
  • Carts, Dollies, Hand Trucks and Stands
  • Dish Soaps, Hand Soaps and Cleaning Supplies
  • Facility Maintenance and Safety Supply
  • First Aid and Health Supplies
  • Floor and Carpet Care
  • Hair Nets, Gloves and Shoe Covers
  • Security Systems, Surveillance and CCTV


  Paper-Bullet Snacks, Drinks and Breakroom Items
  • Cereals and Oatmeal
  • Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Cider and Teas
  • Condiments and Condiment Packets
  • Granola, Power, Protein and Fiber Meal Bars
  • Immune Defense Drinks and Drink Mixes
  • Instant Lunches and Soups
  • Juices and Sport Drinks
  • Snack and Trail Mixes, Chips and Popcorn
  • Soft/Hard Candy, Gums and Snack Treats
  • Spring, Flavored and Purified Water 


  Paper-Bullet Promotional, Merchandising and Branding Products
  • Bakery Aprons, Uniforms and Work Apparel
  • Buttons, Stickers, Magnets and Writing Instruments
  • Business Cards, Stationery and Brochures
  • Desk, Office and Business Branded Accessories
  • Letter, Menu and Sidewalk Boards
  • Mugs, Cups, Bottles and Branded Drinkware 
  • Serving Promotional Supplies
  • Shirts, Hats, Jackets and Other Branded Clothing
  • Signs, Banners and Signage
  • Stress Balls, USB, Umbrellas and iPhone Cases 


  Paper-Bullet Bakery Equipment, Office Technology & Specialty Items
  • Bakery Service Refrigerated Display Cases
  • Beverage and Condiment Dispensers
  • Cake Decorating Airbrush Kits
  • Coffee Brewers, Makers, Warmers and Perculators 
  • Cookie Dropping Machines
  • Grills, Broilers, Microwaves and Convection Ovens
  • Insulated Food Carriers/Camcarriers/Camcarts
  • Mixers, Blenders, Toasters and Food Processors
  • Refrigerators, Coolers and Freezers
  • Specialty Items (Anything Else Not Mentioned)





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